Welcome to Coffee, Books, and Hospital Rounds!

I’m Erica, and I created this blog as a way to network with other PreMed and Med Students, to share resources, and offer support to each other while we go through the long and tough journey to becoming a doctor.

A few things about me: I’m a Pre-Med (I’m completing my Pre-Health postbac) I’m from Florida, I’m a wife, a bookworm, and I love photography,  fashion, and traveling. I’ve been to 5 countries so far, and have many more on my list!

As you can tell by the “I’m a wife” and the “postbac” parts, I am a nontraditional student. I double majored in Anthropology and French as an undergrad, and I did medical anthropology fieldwork in Algeria for my senior thesis. I decided to become a doctor after I finished my fieldwork. I’ve always wanted to go to medical school, but didn’t deem it as possible (until now). I’ll probably post a “med school story” blog at a later date, but for now, I’m sure that’s enough.

I’m always looking to connect with Pre-Med and Med Students, so don’t hesitate to contact me! I love hearing from my subscribers. You all are so inspiring and and talented people.

It’s easiest to contact me through:

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Good luck to you as you make your way through medical school.