Join the community! There are a ton of Pre-Med and Med Students that you can connect with online through social media, blogs, and online communities. Making friends and making connections with people who are also making their way through medical school can be a great way to learn new survival tips, get or give support, and find new study resources. I strongly recommend that you take a look through the online communities, blogs, and social media account below until you find some that you like.

I am in the list of course. I’d love to hear from you all, so don’t hesitate to send me a message on social media.

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I host both a Group and  a Page on Facebook. I’d love for you to join my group and follow my page. The group I created is for Pre-Med Students, but I plan to start a Med Student group in the near future. My Facebook page is more of a personal page that discusses a mix of med school, travel, and fashion. check it out below!

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There are a lot of medical student subs on Reddit. It’s an excellent resource for asking and answering questions, finding new study materials, and learning about how others are coping with medical school life. Check out the following subreddits:

A Reddit for Medical Students:

Medical School: The Lounge:

Pre-Med Reddit:


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-Doctor Goals on Instagram: @doctorgoals Dr. Trot posts tips for both Pre-Med and Med Students. She’s a resident and Pre-Med and Med Mentor. helps students get into Med School.

-Dr. Trot’s personal Instagram: @iamdrtrot

-The Strive to Fit @thestrivetofit She is an MS3 who is always vlogging on YouTube about Med School survival, documenting her journey, and giving tips.

-Doc by Day @doc_by_day is a Neonatology Fellow in NYC

-Franziska @franishtheblog is a Med Student and blogger in OH. Her feed is gorgeous.

-Study Diary of a Med Student: @studydiaryofamedstudent beautiful feed of a Med Student posting study inspiration

-Medicine in Michigan @medicineinmichigan is a MS3 who blogs about med school to help MS1s. Her blog is linked below in the blogs section.

-Pre-Med Diva @premeddiva is working on her MPH @ Dartmouth (’17) before Med School

-Med Student Saga: @medstudentsaga Abby is an MS1 at UMDSOM

-Dr. Farah @dr.farah_md is an Internal Medicine resident from California

-Pre-Med Mom Gets Fit: @premedmomgetsfit posts a lot of MCAT recommendations

-Coffe and Scrubs @coffeeandscrubs is a 3rd year medical student hoping to match into a surgery residency program

-Mindful of Med @mindfulofmed MS4 who is about to have a baby!

-The Foodie Physician: @thefoodiephysician/ ER doctor and foodie

-The Physicians Kitchen is a future physician and a foodie

-The Plum Stethoscope @theplumstethoscope is a med student, yogi, and blogger

-Carol @orthoreg is an Orthopedics resident

-Dr. Elizabeth Augmentin @elizabethaugmentin is a Peds Resident at UChicago

-Medicine and Chill @medicineandchill is an Australian MS2 who posts study inspiration

-Dynamic DO @dynamic_do is an MS4 from Seattle

-Dr. Mike: @doctor.mike is a 3rd year med resident NYC/MIA

-Journey to Medical School: @journeytomedicalschool

-Pre-Med Planning: @premed_planning


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Medicine in Michigan: MS3 who blogs to help MS1s:

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